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Lake Macquarie Roofing are a team of roofing industry veterans who have been providing insured, licensed roofing contractors to the local region for over twenty years.

No matter where you are located in the Lake Macquarie region or the surrounding areas the insured and licensed tradespeople provided by Lake Macquarie Roofing will travel directly to you; equipped and ready to maintain, repair or upgrade your roof with the greatest care and professionalism.

What do we offer?

Roof Restoration, Roof Repair Guttering & Roof Replacement!

Any roof, being exposed to the elements, will require maintenance and repair at occasional intervals throughout its life. Generally tiled roofs are more demanding in this regard as the surface has more gaps to allow the incursion of water than a roof made of Colorbond steel.

The most common repairs are re-bedding and re-pointing, in which the ridge cap tiles of a tiled roof surface are resealed against water, and re-affixed to the rooftop in the circumstance that they have come loose. Weepholes, which allow the exit of trapped moisture are also a common requirement on older tiled roofs, if they are not coping well with excess rainfall. Similarly, roof valleys (channels between the flat surfaces of your roof) ordinarily protect your home against heavy rainfall by channeling water to the gutters, but may rust overtime or overflow in high rainfall - both Colorbond and tiled roofs are susceptible to this problem, and can be fully repaired or replaced by our teams at a moments notice.

In case of emergency, we offer an emergency priority call-out service, with same-day leak detection, and repair before the next rainfall.

Roof Restoration - better than new!

A popular option for older roofs, and considerably less expensive than the more drastic option of a complete roof replacement, roof restorations leave a roof looking better than new and systematically resolve every single flaw or problem in the roofs weather resistance or sealing.

The first step of a roof restoration is the complete repair of the surface - rebedding and repointing as required, followed by the replacement of all fixtures and components that are in any way aged or impaired before reflashing all necessary edges and joins to prevent water incursion.

After the complete repair, the roof is pressure cleaned, before being repainted and reasealed with high quality weather-proof paints - the end result is a vibrant, consistent colour to the entire surface and many, many years without any roof problems of any sort.

Colorbond Roof Replacement

There are times when a roof has suffered significant damage or neglect over time and is in a state beyond what a roof restoration is able to fix and the total replacement of the roof is a better option.

Re-roofing in Colorbond steel allows all problems with a roof, be they brought about by age, damage, faulty workmanship or any other cause, to be dealt with all at once. Colorbond Steel is waterproof, extremely long lasting, compatible with all gutter profiles and roof designs, and, of course, sounds beautiful in the rain.

Colorbond Guttering and Gutter Guard

Because the gutters provided by our teams are made of Colorbond steel, we are able to provide rainwater gutters to match any existing profile, and even to match almost any colour.

In addition, we offer Gutter Guard, or Leaf Screener as it is also sometimes known in both PVC and fire-resistant aluminium, to ensure that your new gutters require zero cleaning and maintenance, while also helping to keep your home safe in bush fire season.

Roof Ventilators

Also known as whirly birds, roof ventilators are air-driven extraction turbines that serve to remove hot air and trapped moisture from your roof cavity; leaving your home drier all year round, and significantly cooler in summer.

About Lake Macquarie Roofing

Why Lake Macquarie Roofing?

Our focus on the things that matter most to you - competitive prices and top notch workmanship from a prompt, professional, hassle-free company has made us the best choice for a quality roofing company to trust with your home or property.

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Here at Lake Macquarie Roofing we prioritize ensuring that our customers experiences are as efficient as possible – our tradespeople complete every job on time and with a strict minimum of inconvenience to residents. You will always have prior notice before they arrive, their rubbish will always be completely disposed of far from your property and your project manager will be in touch with you personally throughout the entirety of your roof repairs or maintenance.

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Roof Assessments and Inspections

Our professional roof assessors travel back and forward across the Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region daily and are able to meet with you personally to discuss your requirements. If you would like to book an assessment for your roof, or an opportunity to discuss options for whirly bird ventilators, roof restoration and other products please provide us with your details below. We will be in contact immediately to schedule a prompt visit from one of our experienced roofing assessors to provide access to the best advice and expertise available.

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